Quarter Final 1, Bulgaria vs Singapore

2 min readAug 14, 2020

As I sat down on the damp seat in the stands, a sense of excitement coursed my body. The cold winter air blew onto my face and the thought cam across me.

“this was going to be a good game,”

“I hear the announcer over the PA speaker,”

“Todays starting lineup, brought to you by Medium, Bulgaria with Old Proud Mountain, and Singapore with Their was a bridge in Tekka.”

Old Proud Mountain

Old Proud Mountain, set in a dystopian setting. It follows the adversaries of living in country Bulgaria. It sets its eyes on the hard work that is needed to simply live in the harsh climate. We have a unique set of eyes to look into this, being in the form of the rabbit, the mayor and the ranger. This is a very special form of looking into the story, but more importantly looks into the different forms of social classes, and how they can affect ones experiences, comparing the Rabbit to the Mayor. Although this piece delves into some deep concepts, I felt it had a few concepts that where difficult for myself to grasp onto.

Their was a bridge in Tekka

Their was a bridge in Tekka has a women return to Singapore after fighting for her countries freedom in India. It has an interesting take on social freedoms, that I believe anyone should take into account. She reminisces on a bridge that had recently been destroyed. It is left unclear why she has such an obsession with the bridge, until all is unravelled in a unique manner nearing the end of the piece.

“I believe that Singapore should be awarded this win, as I feel like their story had more emotional depth when compared to Bulgaria.”




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