Libya Vs Singapore

“Kick off is set for the near paragraphs with Singapore playing Libya taking the field in today’s friendly,” the commentator announced over the speaker. “ Let’s have a look at the starting lineups for today’s match up. Singapore are starting Their was a bridge in Tekka , while Libya are starting Run, George!”

Comparing the two pieces it is evident that there is a vast contrast between the two. Singapore follows the growing independence of India, while drawing a focus to a bridge where the fallen’s, of the independence war, ashes where spread. Run, George! has an interesting take on a war, it uses the eyes of a young boy running errands for the more wealthy.

Both pieces have an interesting take on themes, with Singapore emphasising the theme of death and relationships, while Libya draws a focus onto war, and the social classes. Both pieces showed the audience the main themes to a high standard so choosing which piece had stronger themes was incredibly hard, however I will go with Singapore.

“Contested ball in the goal square, but Singapore edge it in with a kick that almost seems like dumb luck! 1–0”

Relationships are also emphasised in Singapore’s piece, and we can see how the characters change over the course of the narrative, while in Libya’s piece it almost feels as if the character’s are not changed by the piece in any sort of way by the end of the narrative. Due to this, I will be awarding this goal to Singapore.

“An open look for Singapore, BANG, top left corner, and Singapore extend their lead. It will be extremely difficult for Libya to come back from that one!”



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